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Easy Pan Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp are one of the easiest forms of seafood to cook for beginner home cooks and also one of the tastiest and easiest to season well. For the majority of my self taught cooking journey I mostly cooked chicken, ground turkey, and turkey kielbasa. Starting last year I decided I wanted to expand my cooking abilities simply to have the knowledge and because I'm a big foodie and I like being able to cook the dishes I like to eat at restaurants at home. This simple recipe came about as one of the easy seafood recipes I've been creating at home (I cook shrimp and some fish at the moment). On a day that I really wanted to try making grilled shrimp to go with a Mexican inspired rice dish I recently came up with, I made this delicious semi sweet and savory shrimp dish. The best part is that you can try this recipe with different seasoning combinations like substituting smoked paprika or Italian seasoning for the paprika.

The next time that you're in the mood for a simple shrimp recipe, try out this one! You don't even need a grill!


-1 lb. medium or large sized shrimp (raw or thawed out and dried)

-1 tsp. paprika

-1 tsp. onion powder

-1 tsp. garlic powder

-1/4 tsp. salt

-2 tbs. olive oil

-2 tsp. lemon juice

-1/8 tsp. black pepper


  1. Mix shrimp with all seasonings in a bowl and let sit for 10 minutes.

  2. Using a large pan, use cooking spray and turn the heat to med-high. Add the shrimp, making sure to leave space between each piece. Cook for 3 minutes on each side and serve. Enjoy!

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