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Savory Garlic Soy Ground Turkey, Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Edamame Stir Fry

I've been on a creative roll lately with trying out different easy ground turkey and brown rice bowl recipes. So far I've come up with with a bowl inspired from my "Brazilian Collard Greens" recipe called "Spicy Ground Turkey, Kale, and Brown Rice" and a recipe inspired by cabbage rolls, "Ground Turkey, Cabbage, Tomatoes, and Brown Rice Skillet". This recipe came about on a night where I really needed to get rid of a lot of zucchini and wanted to make something like a Chinese stir fry but using ground turkey and edamame as well. The result was tender ground turkey and vegetables cooked in a deliciously sweet and savory sauce with the usual Chinese stir fry ingredients of oyster sauce and brown sugar that I couldn't get enough of. The best part is that it only took 15-20 minutes to make! If you're also a Chinese stir fry fan or want a new exciting recipe to use ground turkey with, you'll love this recipe once you taste it!


-1 lb. ground turkey

-1 zucchini (chopped into small pieces)

-1/2 cup chopped yellow onions

-1 cup chopped baby bella mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms

-1/2 cup cooked edamame without shells (I use the steamed edamame that you can microwave)

-1 cup long grain brown rice or quinoa for serving


-3 tbs. minced garlic

-3 tbs. soy sauce

-2 tbs. brown sugar

-2 tbs. oyster sauce (I use Lee Kum Kee brand but you can also use the vegetarian version made from mushrooms)

-2 tbs. sesame oil


  1. Mix sauce in a small bowl. In a large pan, cook the ground turkey with half of the sauce on med-high heat until browned. Put the turkey aside.

  2. In a wok or another large pan, add the vegetables with the rest of the sauce. Cook on med-high heat for about 10 minutes until the zucchini has softened. Add the ground turkey back to the pan and mix well. Serve with rice or quinoa. Enjoy!

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