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Comforting Haluski (Fried Cabbage with Egg Noodles) with Kielbasa

Do you have some kielbasa and cabbage on hand but don't want to make them with potatoes? While kielbasa and cabbage is an excellent and easy lunch or dinner, it makes me happy to find out and share that there are many ways to season this match made in heaven! Haluski is a simple and delicious dish of Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian, and Ukrainian origins that consists of pork (sausage or ground pork), cabbage, onions, egg noodles or potatoes and sometimes cheese. Since finally getting my hands on some Hungarian paprika, (which is sweeter and has a completely different flavor from plain paprika, Spanish paprika, and smoked paprika) I've been excited to make some recipes with it including Hungarian goulash soup. Even if you can't find any Hungarian paprika, this recipe is still delicious with plain paprika.

This recipe has become one of my favorite go-to quick kielbasa and cabbage recipes and I hope it becomes one of yours also!


-1 package turkey, pork polska kielbasa sliced, or 1 lb. ground pork

-half of a head of green cabbage chopped

-1/2 cup yellow or red onions chopped

-2 cups wide egg noodles

-3 tbs. margarine or butter to cook with the kielbasa

-2 tbs. margarine or butter to add at the end

-1 cup reserved pasta water

-1 tbs. minced garlic

-black pepper to taste

-Lawry's Garlic Salt with Parsley to taste

-Hungarian paprika if you have it or plain paprika to taste


  1. Add water according to pasta directions to a large pot and lightly add some salt. Bring the water to a boil and cook according to package directions. Set aside 1 cup of the pasta water before draining the noodles.

  2. In in a large pan, melt the butter and/or margarine. Add the kielbasa and cook on med-high heat for about 5 minutes for the kielbasa to brown. Set aside the kielbasa.

  3. Add the cabbage, onions, garlic, garlic salt, and black pepper to the pan and stir. Cook, stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes until the cabbage is tender. Add noodles, kielbasa, paprika, 2 tbs. butter or margarine, and pasta water to the pan and mix well. Serve and enjoy!

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