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Irresistible Lemon Thyme Chicken, Tomatoes, Vegetables, and Ditalini Soup

Ever since I started making soups from scratch last year, I've fallen in love with the heavenly combination of lemon juice with thyme and other earthy herbs like rosemary and oregano. I love how lemon juice gives a refreshing flavor to vegetables and soups and I invite anyone who hasn't tried soups with a hint of lemon to try it! I've also fallen in love with ditalini pasta in soups and came up with this recipe on a day that I was craving a herby soup with lemon juice, tomatoes, and ditalini. This soup is an easy and perfect way to get a good dosage of protein as well as vegetables in your daily diet while also satisfying your taste buds when you have a taste for an Italian inspired soup. If you also are a lover of the lemon juice and thyme combination in soups or want to try it, you'll love my "Lemon Thyme Chicken, Beans, and Collard Greens Soup", "Lemon Thyme Chicken, Kale, Mushrooms, and Tortellini Soup", and "Lemon Thyme Chicken, Beans, Mushrooms, and Kale Soup". Best of all, it takes less than 30 minutes to cook!


-1 cup chopped boneless skinless chicken breasts

-1 tbs. olive oil

-1 tsp. McCormick Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning

-1 cup chopped baby bella mushrooms

-1/2 cup chopped carrots

-1/2 cup chopped yellow onions

-1 can diced tomatoes

-1/2 cup navy beans or cannellini beans (opt)

-1 cup ditalini pasta

-2 cups fresh spinach

-5 cups chicken broth (I use unsalted)

-1 tsp. dried thyme

-1/2 tsp. dried rosemary

-2 tbs. lemon juice

-2 tbs. minced garlic

-1 tsp. salt

-black pepper to taste

-parmesan to taste for serving


  1. Season chicken with the rotisserie chicken seasoning and olive oil. In a large pot, bring the broth to a boil. Add all ingredients except spinach, cover and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat. Add the spinach and stir until the spinach turns dark green. Serve with parmesan. Enjoy!

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