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Joi's 2022 Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I can't believe its this time of year already! 2022 has gone by so fast and now its time for me to cook my annual Thanksgiving comfort food that my family and friends always look forward to. My family's favorites are my mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole. If you know me or are familiar with my recipes, you already know that I prefer simple but tasty recipes and generally don't do a big time consuming meat dish like turkey or chicken for the holidays. I usually stick to a simple meat option that changes every year and if you miss having a recommended meat main in my Thanksgiving recipe post, feel free to cook your favorite main dishes alongside my delicious other recipes this Thanksgiving. This my second year doing "The Joy of Flavor" and I'm more than happy to share my recipes again this Thanksgiving. I invite you to try some of my recipes this Thanksgiving and subscribe, comment, share, follow "The Joy of Flavor" Facebook page and my Instagram @joi.cooks for more of my recipes and content.

Easy and Addictive BBQ Meatballs

First up, one of my favorite things to cook both for cookouts and occasionally for Thanksgiving are my "BBQ Meatballs". They're perfectly delicious on their own as a snack or as a main meat dish at cookouts, bbq, or sports parties. They're easy and fun to make, especially for those who like using their hands with their cooking and it can be something that you and your family can help make together.

Joi's Mac and Cheese

I sometimes nickname this recipe my "once a year" mac and cheese because I usually travel for Christmas and only save my homemade and from scratch mac and cheese for Thanksgiving. Because its "once a year" my family always looks forward to having it for Thanksgiving and usually completely tears it up in two days or less, haha. The thing that makes my mac and cheese stand out is the panko/and or breadcrumbs, the minced onions, and smoked paprika. The contrast in texture from the breadcrumbs and the soft noodles and cheese makes you want to dive in for more and the onions and paprika go hand in hand with the cheese and give it so much flavor! You should definitely try this recipe if you're craving a mac and cheese that's different from the usual.

Savory Green Beans with Kielbasa

I grew up on my mom's delicious green beans with turkey kielbasa cooked in chicken broth and garlic for most of my childhood and it was one of my favorite vegetable side dishes she made. Since my mom didn't eat pork or beef, I grew up used to and still am used to cooking with chicken, fish, ground turkey, and turkey kielbasa at home the majority of the time. Most of the time when people cook green beans with meat they use bone in ham or bacon to add flavor. For this recipe, whether you use turkey kielbasa or regular kielbasa, my method retains all of the delicious savory flavor of kielbasa along with the garlic and the green beans without needing ham or bacon. I invite you to try cooking this tasty alternative meat and green beans recipe as a vegetable side dish for Thanksgiving as well as year round!

Easy and Delicious Boiled Cabbage

Need more vegetables in your Thanksgiving spread? Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables because its so versatile. Simply fried with bacon or simply boiled like in this recipe its so tasty, comforting, and fast to make. I use this recipe year round and its also a hit for Thanksgiving and for cookouts in the summer. If you're not in the mood for cooking cabbage with meat as a veggie side dish, why not try this one to add to your spread on Thanksgiving?

Easy Savory Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I used to dislike sweet potatoes until recently and now I've been enjoying making both savory and sweet recipes with sweet potatoes since last year. This recipe is one of my favorite sweet potato side dishes that I love to cook alongside baked chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner occasionally. If you love sweet potatoes and want to try a recipe that isn't a sweet version, you'll love this recipe with creamy sweet potatoes seasoned with chives and butter.

Lemon Pepper Green Beans

Not in the mood for a green beans dish with meat? No problem! If you like your green beans with garlic and a hint of lemon, you'll love this green bean side dish. This recipe is one of my favorites to pair with baked chicken or fish year round. Its also a great way to have a different flavor profile amongst the comfort food main dishes and sides and salads for Thanksgiving. Why not try a different green bean dish with a hint of brightness this year?

Easy and Addictive Chicken Flavored Rice

Looking for more carb comfort goodness for Thanksgiving? Chicken flavored rice is a beloved dish in my household year round and its also a subtle but delicious side dish for the holidays, especially if you have a chicken main dish. Its absolutely irresistible with green beans, collard greens, and green cabbage side dishes.

Delicious Fried Cabbage with Bacon

Do you love a savory cabbage dish with lots of bacon? Boiled cabbage is delicious but sometimes there's nothing like a good and quick stir fried cabbage with onions and bacon. The flavor of the onions and the saltiness of the bacon will keep you and your family coming back for more this Thanksgiving so feel free to indulge in this recipe this year!

Sweet Potato Bake

Sweet potatoes cooked with lots of cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, and marshmallow topping is one of my family's favorite Thanksgiving dishes that I make every year and often counts as dessert for Thanksgiving in my household. There's something about pairing sweet ingredients with the subtle sweetness of sweet potatoes that drive people crazy and I'm happy to share my family favorite version with you again this year. If you also love sweetly seasoned sweet potatoes, make this recipe for dinner or dessert for your family and friends this Thanksgiving!


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