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Caribbean Style Red Beans and Rice

Updated: May 20, 2021

As you can maybe tell, I love eating and learning about food and different cultures. I haven't had much Caribbean cuisine but I absolutely love Caribbean chicken curry, goat curry, ox tail, and last but not least red beans and rice otherwise known as "peas and rice". When I fall in love with a dish, I will do the research and trial and error to make it at home. Of course nothing beats the authentic restaurant quality but this recipe is definitely close enough and I guarantee that you and your family will love it!


-1 cup Sarita Long Grain Rice (double: 2 cups)

-1 can kidney beans (drained)

-1/2 cup yellow onions

-1/4 cup green onions

-1/2 cup green bell pepper

-1 can coconut milk

-2 cups chicken broth (double: 4 cups)

-2 bay leaves

-2 tbs. minced garlic

-1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper or 1/2 tsp. if you like it hot

-1/2 tsp. dried thyme

-1 tsp. smoked paprika

-1/2 tsp. salt

-a big pot


  1. Bring chicken broth and coconut milk to a boil. Add all ingredients and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Serve with chicken or fish. Enjoy!

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