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Mexican Style Veggies

Updated: May 20, 2021

Partially inspired by Chipotle's delicious sweet corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions mix and partially by my desire to create delicious vegetable dishes, I came up with this recipe. I love vegetables and have been interested in Mexican cuisine lately so I've been researching Mexican dishes, spices, and herbs. In my googling, and the times I've been to authentic Mexican restaurants, I realized that while delicious the majority of Mexican dishes or maybe well known ones are pretty much meat dishes. Not many vegetable side dishes came up and I found that interesting so I've been trying out different spice and vegetable combinations and continuing to read up on Mexican cuisine. For the home cooks that want to cook something healthy and tasty to go with their chicken fajitas, tacos, or other Mexican dishes, this recipe is for you!

Above: frozen sweet white corn, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and onions

Above: frozen sweet white corn, black bean, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and brown rice


-1/2 cup frozen sweet white corn

-1/2 cup chopped green bell peppers

-1/4 cup chopped red or yellow onions

-1 can black beans (drained)

-14 oz. can diced tomatoes (drained)

-2 tbs. minced garlic

-2 tbs. olive oil

-2 tbs. lime juice

-1 tsp. cumin

-1 tsp. McCormick Mexican chili powder or regular chili powder

-1 tsp. oregano

-1 tbs. chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (see here for more info)

-garlic salt to taste

-fresh cilantro to taste

- serve with your choice of rice


  1. In a pan, heat oil and add all ingredients. Cook on med-high heat for about 8-10 minutes. Combine the vegetables with rice. Serve with tacos, fajitas, or any of your favorite Mexican dishes. Enjoy!

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